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After Treatment Instructions for Scabies Infection

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Tips for managing and preventing Scabies

Mites can survive for a few days without human skin. If a mite survives, you can get scabies again. To prevent this, you must wash clothes, sheets, comforters, blankets, towels, and other items. Be sure to follow these instructions when washing:

  1. Wash all items in a washing machine, using the hottest water possible.

  2. After washing, dry everything in a dryer, using the hot setting.

  3. If you cannot wash something in a washing machine and then dry it in a dryer, take it to a dry cleaner or seal it in plastic bag for at least one week.

  4. Items that have not touched your skin for more than 1 week generally do not need washing. If you are not sure whether you wore clothing or used an item within the past week, be sure to wash and dry it.

  5. Vacuum carpeting, area rugs, and all upholstered furniture.

  6. Do not treat your pets. The human itch mite cannot survive on animals. Pets do not need treatment.

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