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Do I Truly Want a Cosmetic Surgery?

If you've been considering undergoing cosmetic surgery, you've probably had a lot of thoughts and questions weighing on your mind. Deciding to surgically alter your appearance is a big deal to be taken seriously. Proper research and a full understanding of why you want to pursue cosmetic surgery can help you determine whether or not you are truly a good candidate for the procedure. In addition, your plastic surgeon will likely want to discuss many of these same things with you to help determine your true motives in seeking this type of procedure. Cosmetic surgery can be life changing for the better, but it's vital to make sure you're ready for this big step. If you're considering getting an elective cosmetic procedure, bear the following six factors in mind before making your decision.

What is the Physical Reason Behind Seeking Plastic Surgery?

Research indicates that the individuals who are the happiest with their cosmetic surgery outcomes were extremely specific about what they wanted to be corrected before they ever set foot in an operating room. If you're seeking a cosmetic surgical procedure because you think it will make you feel better about your appearance, this is a very broad line of thought, and you're more likely to be disappointed with the outcome. However, if you know that you want to pursue a nose job to remove an unsightly bump and correct a deviated septum, this is a specific goal that can be reached satisfactorily.

What is your Motivation for a Big Change?

You should also determine whether the motivation behind your desired change is appropriate. If you've dealt with an abusive relationship where your partner focused on your physical imperfections, you may be considering plastic surgery for the wrong reasons. Likewise, if you feel changing your appearance will affect your job success, you may be left devastated if such a life-altering procedure doesn't get you the changes you desire. Something as monumental as surgically altering your appearance should never be done to please another person or to improve your career or social life.

Are your Expectations Reasonable?

If your goal in having a breast lift is to look like someone famous on television, you're probably going to be disappointed after going through with the procedure. Likewise, if you think changing your appearance will suddenly make you happier and more successful in life, you may be surprised to find that this isn't the case. Following your plastic surgery, you will still be the same person with all the same life challenges that you had before. It is important that you maintain a reasonable set of expectations, and your plastic surgeon will ask a lot of questions to ensure that you do.

Do you Live a Lifestyle that Supports Cosmetic Surgery?

If you're considering cosmetic surgery, have you taken all possible steps to correct the issue that is bothering you before resorting to this measure? For example, let's consider that you want liposuction to help remove fat deposits on your hips and thighs. Have you put effort into making positive dietary and lifestyle changes to correct this issue first? By exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet, you may find that you don't even need the procedure to get the results you're seeking. Even if you do move forward with the surgery, you will be living a lifestyle that will help the outcome be more effective and last even longer.

Have you Considered the Risks?

Although cosmetic surgical procedures have come a long way in recent years, there are always risks involved in any surgery. This is true of both elective and non-elective operations. For example, a breast lift is a relatively safe procedure that generally yields a good outcome. However, you cannot make a wise and informed decision about the importance of such a procedure without carefully weighing the risks involved. All major health decisions require that you weigh the risks and the benefits carefully to make a wise choice.

Have you Researched Surgeons?

Considering a cosmetic surgical procedure is a big deal, and you wouldn't go to just any doctor to have such a procedure performed. It may take months of careful research and consultations with a variety of surgeons to find one that you are both comfortable with and confident in. Not all cosmetic surgeons are equal in skill, experience, and bedside manner. In addition to meeting and interviewing surgeons you are interested in, you can also get a lot of beneficial information by speaking to their previous patients.

Undergoing an elective cosmetic procedure can bring about many benefits if you are truly ready for it and have realistic expectations in mind. The questions above should give you a good starting point to help you determine your true motivations behind considering such a procedure. With the right motivations, realistic goals, and a skilled surgeon, your cosmetic surgery can have an excellent outcome.

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