Tattoo Removal Options in Lahore

Tattoo Removal Options in Lahore

Tattoo Removal Rates in Lahore

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☑️ Downtime: 3 to 7 days for healing scabs

☑️ Procedure Time: 10-15 min procedure

☑️ Anesthesia/Numbing Required: None

☑️ Pain Scale: 2

☑️ Next Session Ideally between 6 to 8 weeks

☑️ 95% patients feel reduction in tattoo ink between 60 to 90% in 6 sessions.

☑️ Aftercare Instructions Provided

Tattoo pigment resides in the deepest layers of the skin, making it permanent and difficult to remove. Lasers are the most effective way to remove tattoos, with the only other option being excision.* Lasers specifically designed for tattoo removal bypass the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, applying a powerful blast of energy to the tattoo pigment particles, effectively “blowing them up” and releasing the pigment.* The body then absorbs the released material.* It takes several weeks for the body to absorb and clear the released pigment.* Because a large number of pigment particles exist to create a visible tattoo, multiple treatments are required.*

Traumatic tattoos can be due to carbon, graphite, etc. They can be removed with Q-switch Alexandrite laser. Tattoos applied by a professional are deeper and are more difficult to remove. Exogenous ink is the chromophore. Quality switch lasers have been used traditionally to treat these tattoos. Multiple settings are required for complete removal of pigments. The appropriate lasers for different colors of tattoo are as follows:

  1. Black and dark blue pigment: QS ruby, QS Nd:YAG (1,064 nm) and QS Alexandrite
  2. Orange and red brown: 1064-nm QS Nd:YAG doubled in frequency
  3. Red: Nd:YAG
  4. Green pigment: Alexandrite
  5. Purple and violet: Q-switched ruby laser
  6. Light coloured/pale: QS Alexandrite and QS Nd:YAG laser
  7. Newer modalities: Multi-pass treatment - multiple passes in one session and Picosecond laser

Black, dark blue and red can all be removed with QS ruby, Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers.

The effectiveness of laser tattoo removal depends on the following factors:

Ink Color – Darker colors such as green, blue and black are faster and easier to remove because darker colors easily absorb laser light.* Red, yellow and other bright colors may be the last to go in a tattoo removal process.* Different laser wavelengths are used to target different colors.*

Professional vs. Amateur – Professional tattoo artists deposit ink deeper in the skin to improve the longevity and the integrity of the tattoo. Therefore, professional tattoos are more difficult to remove. “Street” tattoos are easier to remove and may take fewer treatments.*

Laser Power – Higher power lasers with multiple wavelengths have the capability to target deeper pigment and multiple colors.* With the technologies we have in office, we can effectively treat all tattoo colors with fewer treatments as compared to predicate technology.*

Does it hurt? We utilize many methods of topical, local and applied anesthesia depending on the size and site of the tattoo. Even though pain tolerance varies from patient to patient, pain is not a major factor to consider when deciding on this treatment. A sunburn type effect is usually reported by patients. Local anesthesia is available for those less tolerant.*

Tattoo removal treatment is usually performed every 5 to 6 weeks and, in most cases, at least 6 treatments are required.*

Predicate technology often left a ghost of the image making it difficult to replace the image or having to cover up the residual tattoo. The PicoSure targets all ink colors and treats all skin types.*


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