Maintaining Botox Potency and Safety: Refrigerated Storage Guidelines

While there's some flexibility, it's important to follow the most conservative guidelines and recommendations for Botox storage to ensure patient safety and optimal results:

Opened Botox (Reconstituted):

  • Manufacturer's Recommendations: Most manufacturers advise using reconstituted Botox within a short period, often within 4-24 hours. This is the safest approach to minimize contamination risks.
  • Recent Studies and Consensus: Some studies and expert consensus suggest reconstituted Botox can be safely stored in a refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) for up to 4 weeks without significant loss of potency. However, even with this extended timeframe, concerns about bacterial contamination still exist.

Important Considerations:

  • Sterile Technique: Meticulous sterile technique during reconstitution and handling is absolutely critical to minimize contamination risks.
  • Multiple Patients: If using a single vial on multiple patients, proper handling and storage between uses is essential.
  • Individual Practice: Your specific clinic or practice might have its own protocols and guidelines regarding how long reconstituted Botox can be used.



Opened Botox (Reconstituted):


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