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Lip Lightening Procedure

Lip Lightening Procedure

Prices Valid Till 28 February 2023

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Treatment Cost

☑️ Downtime: 24 to 48 hrs

☑️ Procedure Time: 10-15 min procedure

☑️ Anesthesia/Numbing Required: Local Numbing

☑️ Pain Scale: 3

☑️ Next Session Ideally between 2 to 6 weeks

☑️ 95% patients feel improvement in skin tone lightening in 6 sessions.

☑️ Aftercare Instructions Provided

As we continue to age, we lose volume, elasticity, and collagen in our skin – most notably on our faces. This results in loose, sagging skin, wrinkles, and an overall sunken appearance. Luckily, as treatments continue to advance, we’ve started using a therapy called platelet rich fibrin (PRF) therapy to help combat the visible signs of aging.

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

PRF therapy is an advanced, new age version of platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments. PRF produces stronger results than PRP because it contains more substantial concentrations of leukocytes (white blood cells), platelets, and certain stem cells not found in PRP.

The leukocytes are healing in nature and work under a controlled inflammatory response to target problem areas while stem cells help regenerate new cells and platelets stimulate collagen production and rejuvenation.

Additionally, PRF releases growth factors from platelets more slowly than PRP and healing takes only a few hours instead of a few days. Simply put, PRF has stronger properties that work together to provide better, longer-lasting results. With no additives, this natural treatment is perfect for anyone looking to gain back their youth.

We love PRF as an option to patients that want a more natural, synthetic free alternative. Platelet Rich Fibrin treatments are beneficial not only because they’re natural, but also because they actually work.

TREATMENT Options include: Lips, Under the eyes; to help treat dark under eye circles, Acne Scarring, Wrinkles and Fine Lines, Hair restoration and Brow Thickness.

PRF Lip Injections “Plasma Lips”

PRF is made using your body’s own unique growth factor making it 100% safe and customized to you. When PRF is injected into the lips it immediately lifts your lip upward, giving what many refer to as a “lip flip”. PRF injections helps in restoring the quality of the lips by improving the hydration of the lip. Injecting your PRF into your lips causes the regeneration of fat cells due to the slow release of your own growth factors. The regeneration of fat cells causes not only a naturally plump lip, but also the youthful glow restoring the lost color of the lips and makes them healthier and provides an overall radiance that we love.

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Do you give 100% guarantee?

No doctor can give 100% guarantee that the treatment or surgery would be beneficial for the patient. For that matter, no guarantee is given by any doctor or surgeon that the patient would be "cured".

Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure should ensure they are informed enough to understand the limitations and risks of any procedure. Remember, no procedure is 100% risk free and no surgeon can give a 100% guarantee of the results.

The only assurance which a doctor can give or can be understood to have given by implication is that he is possessed of the requisite skill in that branch of profession which he is practicing and while undertaking the performance of the task entrusted to him he would be exercising his skill with reasonable competence.

Unless the circumstances are exceptional, it is advisable to avoid surgery if you have recently experienced major life events such as moving house, changing job, losing a loved one, the break-up of a relationship or the arrival of children. Undergoing cosmetic surgery results in emotional changes as well as physical ones, so it’s wise to choose a time when there aren’t other stressful events going on in your life.

How many sessions do I require?

The healthier your skin/hair are when starting out, the easier it will take the treatment. The sessions must be spaced to allow adequate healing in between. Skin/Hair that are healthy enough to regenerate fairly quickly will be able to endure more sessions of a treatment in a shorter period of time.

While these aren’t the only factors involved, they are the most common. Don’t be surprised, however, if your doctor mentions another situation that could impact the length and/or number of sessions you may require. Every person is different, and your circumstances will be unique only to YOU.